Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weird, slightly creepy and generally fucked up?

Last night Red Pepper’s volunteers and staff (well, the least misanthropic and most socially presentable of us) turned out to say goodbye to our office manager.

Celebrating in time-honoured fashion with more than a few pints, but sadly no spliff, a colleague asked that eternally perplexing question of feminist women everywhere, ‘just why are lefty men so weird, slightly creepy and generally fucked up?’ Of course, exempting the men at our get-together...after all not all lefty men are like this (are they?) and Auntie knows a few women that would fit this description too.

Auntie has no answers, even so she’s not convinced the problem is socialism, more how we do socialism. To paraphrase what a wise friend said to Auntie on International Women’s Day, 'without strong women taking the lead [weird, slightly creepy and generally fucked up lefty] men will never change the world'- or something like that.

If you know the answer drop Auntie a line at Subcomandauntie[@]