Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lighting up

Today, Auntie is putting up her eco-friendly ‘Christmas' tree. It may seem a tad early but Auntie gets quite excited at this time of year, though not in any baby Jesus sense. Christmas trees, like the day itself, were hijacked by the early Christians-just because they couldn’t stand the thought of everyone having fun without them.

Winter solstice on the 21 December is far more important for Auntie, although, she doesn’t go in for any of that skyclad dancing round a holly bush malarkey. Knowing Spring is nearing never fails to lift her spirits and not least because it means an end to puffing on fags in the dark outside the local.

This winter solstice, Auntie is attending Philosophy Football’s ‘Clash Culture Christmas Party.’ Perhaps she'll see you there?

Now, Auntie really must get back to tree decorating. The final touch, a star on top to celebrate the returning sun.