Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Auntie spins her web

Against Auntie’s better judgement, Cousin Wainwright and Young Reyes have persuaded me to share my wisdom among the blogging community. Their powers of persuasion were aided by the fact that my (now strangely smokeless) corner in the Old Dog and Duckett allows me access to the neighbour’s wireless connection. Don’t go telling the neighbour, who’s a tight Tory toff who thinks he’s got the right to tell us to keep the noise down even though the OD&D was here a couple of hundred years before him.

Auntie has been putting her columns in order before hitting the web, and what a lot of wisdom she’s dispensed over the years. Everything from the politically-correct trainers to wear while out clubbing to what to do about the smoking ban.

Talking of which, it’s been suggested that Auntie’s trademark spliff has shrunk since her image got a makeover as part of the Red Pepper redesign.

The truth is that while age has not withered her (nor custom staled her infinite variety – thank you, Bill), it has got Auntie’s old lungs croaking a bit. So it’s a tad less tobacco and a lot more THC between the Rizlas these days. This also makes it easier to sneak the odd drag here and there in the OD&D without Brenda the Barperson having to chuck a stool at me.

But enough of smoky hot air. Auntie hereby declares this blog open for business. I will be available for dispensing advice on the usual terms at unpredictable hours, according to other commitments and demands on my time. Feel free to email me at the usual address, Subcomandauntie[@], or to leave a message below. Private consultations by arrangement.